Dr. Jack Nusan Porter

Jack Nusan Porter is a public intellectual, writer, research associate, and Nobel Peace Price nominee, and he’s stopping there. Take a look at his future projects in the works!

Future Projects


Future Books

Jack Porter isn’t stopping with his amazing works articulated beautifully. Keep an eye out for his future books:

  • An Introduction to Western Civilization
  • Since Solomon and Sheba: Black-Jewish Relations Since Antiquity
  • Culture: A Fresh New Approach
  • Like Sheep to Slaughter? New Essay on Jewish Resistance


Interested in getting to know who Jack Porter is and getting a book directly signed by him? You’ll be able to soon with meetups coming near you *soon*

Tours on the Horizon

Jack Porter’s brilliance transcends borders. Keep an eye for international tours and get a chance to meet the man himself!


Jack Porter is a research associate at The Davis Center for Russian, and Eurasian Studies, his passion for research continues with his paper on Mathematical Models to Predict Genocide out soon!


Jack Porter welcomes questions and feedback from his readers. Future talks will give his readers a chance to do it directly.

Books In Different Languages

Jewish partisans of the Soviet Union
Soon available in a Russian version