Dr. Jack Nusan Porter

Nusia Jakub Puchtik, better known as Jack Nusan Porter, was born to holocaust survivors and immigrated to the US in 1946. He is many things: an expert in sociology, human rights activist, former treasurer and vice president of the International Association of Genocide Scholars, Research Associate at The Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University, and previously at the Ukrainian Research Institute, and now a writer.

In his writings, he uses the past to help people understand the present. Walking the fine line between his love for Israel and the Jewish people and human rights for everyone in the world, he goes even further than using theory, film studies, and sociology. He’s also unafraid to use literary criticism, post-modern thought, and politics in his work for refreshing new takes. Years of analyzing and gaining expertise in genocide and holocaust studies, conflict resolution, predicting terrorism and genocide, and sexual and gender issues have given him a wealth of knowledge that’s reflected in his books.

His books are a collection of essays, old and new, which articulate a chain of events that brilliantly explains the contemporary straits of a state born anew.

He is an expert on the topics of terror, genocide, power, and gender. He is well-known for his books, including, The Genocidal Mind, The Jew as Outsider, Social Theory and Social Praxis in a Post-Modern Age, and Confronting History and Holocaust. They explore various subject matters, such as conflict resolution and sexual and gender issues and also showcase why he’s known as the public intellectual and leading figure of genocide and holocaust studies as well as contemporary Jewish studies. He has continued his writing and has many future projects in the works.

Jack Nusan Porter, a public intellectual and a radical libertarian-progressive, offers a unique contribution and a guiding voice to the American Jew with his work.