Happy Days Revisited

Growing Up Jewish in America
by Dr. Jack Nusan Porter

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Jack Nusan Porter

1942-1944, Father and Mother, Faye and Irving Porter (Puchtik) in Soviet Partisans, World War II years

1946-2006 Arrival USA to Milwaukee, WI
Dec. 2, 1944, born in Rovno Ukraine, Northwest Ukraine
Family origin, Maniewicz, near Kovel, on the Polish-Ukrainian border
War/Nazi years Partisans

Spring 1945 Liberation by Soviet Troops, December 1944
Summer 1945 D.P. Camp Bindermichel, near Linz, Austria
Summer 1945 to July 1946--D.P. (Displaced Persons) Camp

July 1946 Arrival to U.S.A. New York, Chicago, IL
Residence: Allen Porter’s parents, Uncle Morris
Aunt Betty Porter, 1728 Morse Ave, Rogers Park
Allen Porter in Military
Resided for several months
1946—1967 Milwaukee, WI
10th & Garfield near North Ave.
2210 North 10th street

Attended Sherman Elementary School, Steuben Junior High School, and Washington High School, Class of 1962, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
UW-M-Sociology major
1962—1963 Israel
1967—1971 Attended Northwestern University, Evanston
1973—present Boston, MA

The Spencer School and The Spencer Institute for Research
79 Walnut Street, Unit 4,
Newtonville, Mass. 02460-1331


Many travels to Korea, Iraq (Kurdistan, northern Iraq), Italy, Austria, Bosnia, Serbia, Israel, Palestine, Poland, Ukraine, England and other European countries, 1998-2008

Today, living at:
79 Walnut Street Unit 4
Newtonville, Mass. 02460-1331 USA

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 Dr. Jack Nusan Porter
 Tel: (617) 965-8388
 Cell: (857) 636-2669

 79 Walnut Street
 Suite #4
 Newtonville, MA 02460