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The Radical Writings of Jack Nusan Porter

A collection of essays, old and new. A chain of events explaining the contemporary straits of a state born anew.

Porter draws from the past in an effort to explain the present, walking the precarious bridge between allegiance to Israel and the Jewish people and the universal rights of all people. He combines theory, sociology, film studies, literary criticism, post-modern thought, and politics.

“A unique contribution.” Jonathan Sarna – University Professor and Professor of Jewish History at Brandeis University

“…a guiding voice for American Jews. Always clear, pointed, and challenging….(he) continues inspiring us to this day.” Susannah Heschel – Eli M. Black Distinguished Professor of Jewish Studies at Dartmouth College

A Jack of All Things War and Terror

Dr. Jack Nusan Porter is an expert on terrorism and genocide and the two things that make the world, as you know it, go round: power and gender.

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If Only You Could Bottle It: Memoirs of a Radical Son

Stay tuned for more updates on the autobiography of a person who went from the son of holocaust survivors to a world-renowned expert in contemporary Jewish studies.

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The Radical Writings of Jack Nusan Porter


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